Rowan Bay – Chrysler Marina

Rowan Bay is a new British company which enchanted me with the love for the nature… I was very curious about these wraps and the ‘marshmallow’ weave. Here are the results of the Chrysler Marina tests…

This wrap caught my eye from the very first moment – it’s blue (and I love almost every blue or pink wrap!) and has a subtle, elegant pattern. When I opened the box I discovered that the blue colour of it is very original and not obvious – great! It’s a perfect colourway for journeys and walking toddler life – it doesn’t get dirty too fast.

Marina traveled with us this Summer. We’ve got size 4 and used mostly simple rucksack with my 14 kgs 3yo girl. I really appreciate how this wrap works.
It’s very soft from the first wash, cushy on shoulders but not diggy. Very easy to tie, it almost wraps itself. However, it’s not very grippy so if you intend to wear it for a longer time in move (just like we did) – it requires a careful wrapjob.
Most of the time when we walked – my not-so-light girl felt lighter than she is in fact. It was a very comfortable experience – both for me and for a child (my daughter’s opinion is very important – because if she doesn’t like a wrap, my love for it doesn’t care; she won’t let use it! Hopefully, she liked Marina very much and chose it quite often).

We used Marina both on cold and hot days. It kept us warm and protected well from the cold and freezing wind. But on the other side… I must appreciate how this thick wrap works on hot days – it’s breatheable (probably thanks to the weave?).

I’ve read that Chryslers due to the high gsm are mostly recommended for older children – but I’d say that it’s such a soft wrap that would work well both with smaller and bigger children, basing on the parent’s preferences (I wouldn’t recommend it for inexperienced parents of newborns though).